Invest in hedge fund strategies
in your own brokerage account!

HedgeCoVest’s goal is to increase security, access, liquidity, and transparency (SALT) compared to investing directly into hedge funds.

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HedgeCoVest has developed a new liquid alternatives platform that we believe will revolutionize the way investors allocate to the strategies of hedge fund managers.- Evan Rapoport, CEO


HedgeCoVest was designed to create an innovative, online marketplace for today’s investors searching for more transparent and secure options to allocate to hedge fund strategies.

HedgeCoVest provides clients with benefits similar to a hedge fund, without many of the risks associated with commingled investments. Investors can monitor performance in real time and allocate or liquidate with the click of a button.

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HedgeCoVest’s proprietary trading “Replicazor” technology connects directly into the hedge fund’s trading operations. Our platform receives an execution report after a trade has been completed and makes a best-case effort to replicate a similar trade in our client’s separately managed brokerage account.

Our separately managed account structure provides transparency not available within a traditional hedge fund, helping to reduce some of the risks associated with a commingled hedge fund structure.

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Security – Unlike Hedge Funds, with HedgeCoVest assets remain in your own brokerage account under your control.

Access – HedgeCoVest provides access to hedge fund investing with a lower minimum investment.

Liquidity – Instant “Click to Invest” for allocations and liquidations.

Transparency – To monitor investment performance in real time.

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HedgeCoVest removes the structural barriers to hedge fund investing and empowers individual investors to tactically allocate to hedge fund strategies that have been utilized by institutional investors for decades.  The Replicazor technology combined with the HedgeCoVest platform puts you in control of your portfolio.